Colorful family day

colorful family day

In the sign of the spiral, the symbol of development, was the "mother’s day on the trimburg", which the westheimer kindergarten st. Peter and paul organized this year for the tenth time. With an exhibition, several workshops and a theater piece, the "learning workshop for children" was a success once again, dressing the castle in a colorful family day.
The vernissage "the way of the artist" opened the round with a definition about drawing and painting, which are among the earliest and most popular activities of children. Experimenting with colors and shapes, leaving traces and making signs are the building blocks for aesthetic education. The viewer learned that this is not just about creating a beautiful picture, but about expressing and communicating children’s perceptions and ideas. Clearly recognizable were the changes in painting in the course of development.
"The important thing is not the result, but rather to give the children space to gather their own experiences. Each of the young artists chooses his own working material and prepares his own workspace", emphasizes the deputy director of st. Peter and paul, judith weissenberger. Divided into age groups, each team approaches a topic in its own way.
Experiencing the senses and being able to experiment are important aspects of this and create the "aha" effect, for example with the question "what does paint smell like??". The coarser children started painting a "body project heran. With the depiction of a heart painted in oil color, of course, also many pertinent questions were connected, for example "why is blood red??" Or "why do we need a skeleton?".
The 5- to 6-year-olds were challenged to keep their themes in balance between project-oriented design and free expression. On the whole, the wise saying that "everyone is an artist as a child" is true. The difficulty is to remain one as an adult".
The workshops spread throughout the castle invited participation, as every child was allowed to take part in them. Making a lively, colorful wind spiral, laying a glittering spiral in concrete, or making the most beautiful snail shell were all to the liking of the creatively inquisitive group of children. And it is undoubtedly wonderful to wash in a paste made of shaving cream and food coloring, apply it to a mirror and then paint spirals into it.
The opening of the day was taken into their own hands by the children and the flotengruppe with a song they had made up for the occasion. But in fact, mother’s day began the evening before with a free "rokomana-concert that attracted around 150 listeners to the ruin. Donations will go to the "lernwerkstatt fur kinder for a music system.
The kindergarten and the children’s parents took care of the tasting with cream of tomato soup, delicacies from the grill and coffee and homemade cakes. The access road to the landmark, however, remained closed on sunday due to legal requirements. Those who did not want to go to fub could use a shuttle bus.
With the theater piece "the most beautiful snail’s shell the day ended. In the play, eduard loses his house in a snail race and it is trampled on. His friends try to help him. But this turns out to be difficult. Eduard finally discovers the most beautiful snail shell in a garden. A successful fantasy story of friendship and creative skills.


With a lot of verve

With a lot of verve

Overnight: a good place to rest your head after a strenuous mountain biking or hiking tour is the berghaus rhon in the black mountains.

In the morning:

It makes sense to get up early – there is a lot to see: from the basalt lake to the primeval forest there is something for every adventurer. And the best: whether on fub or on mountain bike, the network of paths through the black mountains inspire women. The natural forest reserve at losershag is particularly worth seeing. The impressive nature is a great pleasure even in bad weather. We recommend stopping at the kissinger hut for a bite to eat at lunchtime. For those who want to go further, the gemundner hutte on the kreuzberg is a must.

Afternoon program:

Who is into action, has there the possibility to get into the flowtrail to bischofsheim. Don't worry: no one has to pedal up the kreuzberg. There is a regular bus service with bicycle transportation. If the flow trail is too extreme for you, you have the possibility to venture into the climbing forest at the neustadter haus: up to 12 meters in the air. Even though spa in nature is usually difficult to realize, there are ways to relax. Above sandberg – there is a rough kneipp facility with a wonderful view.


No room for students in bamberg? Call to landlords

No room for students in bamberg? Call to landlords

The studentenwerk wurzburg currently offers 832 apartments, plus 21 emergency dormitories (which are currently still available). The construction of additional housing is planned. Stadtbau gmbh bamberg manages 430 apartments, the joseph foundation 250 single and double apartments and the collegiumoecomenicum offers 213 dormitory places. All dormitory places are currently allocated. The 400 newly built units on ERBA island are already occupied, as are the 63 student apartments in the schlichterei. 28 housing partnerships are currently in place as part of the "wohnen fur hilfe" project

in addition to the services offered by the wurzburg student union, it should be possible to continue to meet the continuing demand, in particular with the help of private investors. The city’s building regulations office is supporting all initiatives to create private housing. In the medium term, the conversion site will also offer new opportunities, as additional housing will become available following the departure of the americans. In the district in particular, this could offer new perspectives for students and landlords.

Nevertheless, the young people need housing in the short term. "The city and district of bamberg must therefore succeed in offering all students a roof over their heads. But we need your help", according to mayor stark and district administrator dr. Denzler.


Dr. Oetker focuses on growth abroad

Dr. Oetker focuses on growth abroad

Dr. Oetker also sees opportunities for growth in germany. In 2012, the family-owned company generated 67 percent of total sales abroad. Sales abroad rose by 10.1 percent (to 1.4 billion euros), in germany by 1.9 percent (to 689 million euros). "Our long-standing strategy of growing primarily in international markets and entering new ones has once again paid off," said company CEO richard oetker in bielefeld on tuesday.

Despite pressure from raw material prices, the company is confident for 2013, said oetker. The first three months of 2013 went well, he said. "In addition to the further expansion of strategic product ranges in all countries, we will also be exploring further opportunities for expansion in foreign markets in the current year."But he also sees opportunities for growth in germany, oetker asserted. Mainly due to raw material prices, dr. Oetker prices up by an average of four percent this year.

After the sales stagnation of 2011, the company was able to achieve significant growth again last year. Sales increased by 7.2 percent to 2.09 billion euros. Almost two-thirds of the increase was due to volume growth and one-third to price increases. To win says dr. Oetker traditionally nothing. The result was satisfactory, it said only. The number of employees climbed to just under 10,000.


A tee shot for a good cause

A tee shot for a good cause

The name has nothing to do with its initial letters. Gerlinde, inge and inge are the three ladies from the dodago team who were busily arranging prizes, writing lists, setting tables and decorating with little weave balls and subliquors on thursday in mainsondheim.

"There is nothing good, but you do it." Inge ziegler quotes erich kastner

Thursdays are ladysday, on thursdays (do) the ladies (da) play golf (go) on the course of the golf club schloss mainsondheim. Last week they had invited to a very special event.


People prefer own car in corona crisis

people prefer own car in corona crisis

In the corona pandemic, significantly more people than before prefer to drive their own car. E-cars in particular are increasingly in demand. This is the result of two studies published this weekend.

"87 percent of consumers worldwide prefer to use a private vehicle to travel safely," consultancy capgemini announced after surveying 11.000 consumers with. At the beginning of the pandemic, it was only 57 percent, he said.

78 percent of respondents worldwide "prefer their own vehicle to public transport; in germany, the figure is now 74 percent". 81 percent of respondents want to avoid carpooling because of health concerns. 72 percent said "that they appreciate being able to access their own vehicle at any time more than before the pandemic.".


Without stuckey against brose bamberg

Without stuckey against brose bamberg

For the basketball players of brose bamberg it will be a tough game on saturday evening (20.30 uhr) in crailsheim a reunion with maurice stuckey only on the edge of the field give. The winger, who transferred from the cup winners to the merlins at the beginning of december, is only a spectator at the duel against his former club. Because part of the agreement between the two teams was that the 29-year-old would not be allowed to play in the first meeting between the two clubs after his transfer.

Stuckey has not regretted his departure from bamberg, where he was used only sporadically. In crailsheim, the average time on the floor is twice as long as before. "I think you could see that I was frustrated in bamberg. Unfortunately, for some reason there was no opportunity for me. That is a pity. But i want to play", stuckey jungst was featured in the trade magazine "big his farewell from bamberg.

The surprise of the season

His new team is the surprise of this season. In the previous year as table-16. The crailsheim team just barely escaped relegation and is a play-off candidate, level on points with four other teams (including bamberg) and in fifth place in the table with 16:10. Finnish coach tuomas iisalo’s squad has the second-best offense in the league behind alba berlin. They average 91.1 points per game, about seven more than the bambergers (83.9), who for their part allow a good eight points (76.8) less than the merlins (85.1).


This is how the “crime scene” will be on sunday: double life in dortmund

This is how the 'crime scene' will be on sunday: double life in dortmund

"A different world the "tatort" is on, who comes from dortmund this sunday – and at least verbally goes hard below the belt. Two weeks ago, the new team of young investigators from erfurt were throwing themselves at the young audience with their stilted youth slang. Now, their colleagues from the pott show them how it’s done properly…

Jorg hartmann is not just a "tatort" actor-kommissar – here you can see the series "weissensee with him on DVD

What is "another world" about??


“General” goldsberry remains a bamberg resident

He runs a tight ship on the pitch, diving for every ball that comes his way and always keeping an eye on things even in tricky situations. The qualities of john goldsberry have long been appreciated by bamberg’s success coach chris fleming – and that’s why he has decided to give his "general" a new lease of life to offer a contract extension. Since wednesday, it has been clear that the relentless fighter, who has always managed to return to the court with an iron will after two serious knee injuries, will wear the brose baskets jersey for another year.

Due to his injuries, fleming is no longer planning on using goldsberry as a starter at the playmaker position, but is still looking for a playmaker. 30-year-old goldsberry to take on role of seventh foreigner. In the bundesliga, only six players without a german passport are eligible to play due to the 6+6 rule, while in the euroleague there is no foreigner restriction.

"John’s toughness, leadership and know-how will help us a lot, especially in this upcoming season when we will have some newcomers, especially young players, in bamberg", fleming relies on the experience of his "general, with whom he already celebrated the cup victory with the artland dragons.


The week: handcuffs in the springtime

The week: handcuffs in the springtime

One had almost missed it. After the easter vacations, the traffic lights in kitzingen were still glowing red. On the way to work every morning for a week (!) every traffic light (!) on the B 8 red. Red, red, red – in the end you believe in hallucinatory disturbances.

Now only one thing helps: away with all the traffic lights. Away with the supposedly intelligent crossings. Away with the expensive traffic computer and the rest of the hocus pocus. A policeman at every crossroads – that would be the most effective way.

We stay a little longer in kitzingen and approach another problem: the train alarm. The eselsberg is particularly hard hit. The residents there wondered why it was getting louder and louder between wurzburg and nurnberg in spite of the noise barrier. As it looks, a larmschutzwand is upside down according to a bahn spokesman – so you could talk about a larmverstarkerwand.