330 Active participants attend gymnastics championships

330 active participants attend gymnastics championships

Started in 1986 with 40 gymnasts, in the course of time the number of participants increased gradually.
After more than 30 years, it is now the high point in upper franconia with more than 240 gymnasts and 90 registered gymnasts. The professional course provided by ts lichtenfels for both days of the competition is also sure to be a magnet.

Saturday for the girls

The competitions will start on saturday at 9 a.M. With the gymnasts of the age group 2007 and younger – the gymnastics newcomers. It will be interesting to see whether the dominance of the southern gymnastics clubs in the bamberg and forchheim districts will continue this year. TSV neunkirchen and MTV bamberg are the strongest teams with 29 gymnasts, followed by TV hallstadt with 28 starters. Award ceremony will be for the 127 active around 12.30 o’clock his.
At 14 o’clock begins the competition of the youth and ladies. The gymnasts from the south dominated here as well. Theresa eller of ts lichtenfels will therefore have a hard time holding her own in the competition, which is strong with eleven women.

Sunday is the turn of the gymnasts

On sunday at 8.45 o’clock the competition starts for the boys of all age groups. TS lichtenfels alone has 28 active players. In addition to the compulsory six-man competition for young gymnasts, a course program according to the standards of the bavarian championships is offered, in which gymnasts from the C-youth (12 years and older) can try their hand.
Julian kochhafen and georg grobmann from the TSL bavarian league team are in the team. They are currently also preparing for the league or. The bavarian championships. Patrick schneider and hannes weisser, who are also members of the league team, will be competing for their home club TV michelau, as will markus hohlein from TV altenkunstadt and matthias mohr from TV burgebrach.
Since all gymnasts – from the six-year-old beginners to the adult gymnasts – start in one round, the spectators can easily follow the development of the athletes during goal-oriented training.
Admission is free to all events. Peja

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