A tee shot for a good cause

A tee shot for a good cause

The name has nothing to do with its initial letters. Gerlinde, inge and inge are the three ladies from the dodago team who were busily arranging prizes, writing lists, setting tables and decorating with little weave balls and subliquors on thursday in mainsondheim.

"There is nothing good, but you do it." Inge ziegler quotes erich kastner

Thursdays are ladysday, on thursdays (do) the ladies (da) play golf (go) on the course of the golf club schloss mainsondheim. Last week they had invited to a very special event.

For the second time gerlinde moser, inge ziegler and inge neubert had organized a charity game. Last year, at the premiere, the proceeds had been donated to the "godchild" campaign. This time the rappelkiste kitzingen gets a cash injection from the golf ladies. The rappelkiste is a childcare center of the action community socialization. Twelve to 14 children are cared for there twice a week in the afternoon. The offer is free of charge for the families.

Naturally, the 20 or so participants took to the course on thursday with sporting ambition. But the main focus was not on winning, but on a good cause. "There is nothing good, but you do it", inge ziegler quoted erich kastner when asked how the golf ladies came up with the idea of offering a charity event. "People always say that golf is something elitist," she says. "But we want to show that we are aware of the problems and hardship in the region and that we support the people."And therefore the women thought about how they could raise as much money as possible for the good cause.

"Charity game with thread and mulligans" is on the top of the invitation. That doesn't mean much to the layman, but the passionate golfer realizes right away that this event is not played according to professional tournament rules. In a mulligan, the golfer is allowed to repeat the tee shot once without being penalized for it. In competitions, this is usually not allowed. But at the benefit game on thursday already. Whoever wanted to use this possibility had to pay. A maximum of three mulligans were allowed, each costing two euros.

And the thread? What does this have to do with golf?? It offered an opportunity to save a stroke or to compensate for a failed stroke, for example into the bushes. Then the distance to the ball had to be measured and an appropriate long piece of string had to be cut off, the ball could then be placed somewhere else at an appropriate distance. The string could also be used to putt and save the last stroke before the hole. Those who cut off a piece of their thread had to pay again. A maximum of five meters of thread could be purchased for two euros each. Each stroke into the bunker or into the water cost one euro, plus of course the entry fee of 15 euros per participant. So there was already a lot going on during the game this thursday.

To increase the income even more, the three organizers had also looked for sponsors who donated prizes for a tombola. Each lot cost five euros, a maximum of three could be purchased. They were supported by the brewery kesselring, brewhouse accessories, the bookstore am turm, castellbank, deutsche bank, fubpflege bader, hotel polisina, hotel zehntkeller, the company knauf, the company knopp and the VR bank kitzingen. Also ladies from the dodago had contributed prizes, inge ziegler had also put herself in the kitchen and cooked jam. This was also sold for the rappelkiste.

From the first tee off to dinner, the participants had a great time – and at the end, the organizers were delighted with their success, because the event had fulfilled its purpose. They were able to hand over a check for 1200 euro to franziska filser, who currently runs the rappelkiste, and AGS board member andreas koch.

The club

The golf course in mainsondheim has been around since 1989. The 18-hole course is built on over 70 hectares, is flat to slightly hilly, and is therefore a course for all age groups.

The golf club schloss mainsondheim currently has about 630 members. 

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