Adelsdorf remembers the victims of national socialism

Adelsdorf remembers the victims of national socialism

The 9. November is often called a day of destiny. On this day in 1918 the republic was proclaimed in germany (november revolution), in 1923 the hitler putsch took place in munich, in 1939 the november pogroms started and on 9. November 1989 the wall fell. The 9. November is today above all a day of remembrance for the victims of national socialism . With the song "stay with us lord" and the blessing by deacon hans scherbaum and pastor jens arnold, an atmospheric commemoration ended at the jewish memorial stone in the center of adelsdorf . In the prayer for peace, numerous adelsdorf residents, together with second mayor gunter munch () and the two clergymen, commemorated the community’s former jewish citizens who lost their lives under the nazi tyranny. The solemn act was musically framed by the schola of the stephanskirche.

"In the night of 10. November was the day when many people were murdered or committed suicide in the third reich, including in our community," munch recalled. "We meet here tonight to bow before the victims of the nazi regime and to pray for peace in the world."Pastor arnold recalled the night of that time and deacon scherbaum went into detail about the previous high point of the persecution of the jews, which ended with the volkermorder (genocide).

Today the depravity is widespread and no improvement is in sight. "To remember is always to remember. Without memory there is no peaceful future!", explained scherbaum. In 1933, adelsdorf had 60 jewish residents. At least 29 of them lost their lives. Peace today is not good either. Because there are again attacks on synagogues, desecration of jewish cemeteries and more. "As christians we pray for peace and as such we should resist radicalism, anti-semitism and xenophobia". If the victims are forgotten, the nazis have won!"

After the "our father" all participants laid a stone on the memorial according to jewish custom .

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