Bad bruckenau: no credit needed in 2019

Bad bruckenau: no credit needed in 2019

In the youngest meeting of the city council, chamberlain leo romeis presented the annual financial statements for the year 2019. Almost all of the developments he presented to the council were positive. The city is in a much better position than the budget had predicted. Even a planned loan of one million euros was not needed.

"We had planned for a black zero", said romeis. Instead, the year 2019 closed with a plus of 841.740 euros from. The chamberman cited an increase in income from trade tax as the main reason for this. These have risen steadily for five years and in 2019 amounted to 2.8 million euros, half a million more than estimated. But it is also the case that the city has saved on the maintenance of roads and buildings. And not all the investments that were originally planned were made.

Millions for the middle school

Yet five million euros were invested. Romeis named the most important items as the general renovation of the secondary school (3.6 million euros in 2019), vehicles and equipment for the fire department (about one million euros), expansion of the language kindergarten "regenbogenland" (300 million euros), and the construction of a new school.000 euros) and road maintenance (200.000 euro).

Romeis emphasized that without the stabilization aid from the state of bavaria, such an economy would not have been possible. Instead of taking on new debt, the city repaid loans, leaving 1.6 million euros in liabilities at the end of 2019.

"That’s good development, that’s good business management", hartmut bos, spokesman for the grunen faction, expressed his satisfaction. Adelheid zimmermann (FDP) and florian wildenauer, spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group, also expressed their appreciation. The city council took note of the statements. Now the audit committee will check the figures.

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