Bjorn sommerer wants to become mayor of neudrossenfeld

Bjorn sommerer wants to become mayor of neudrossenfeld

Now the grouping, which is "for our community," has to be (fug), only the last hurdle to overcome: the required signatures of at least 90 burghers, so that the list is admitted to the election. It will be available from next week up to and including 3. February 2014 in the town hall on.

With the tailwind of the very well-attended nomination meeting, sommerer is optimistic about the election, and with a lot of self-confidence he said in good french: "I have a great feeling, we have the best candidate, that's me". And also justified. The self-employed entrepreneur, 36 years old, was born in neudrossenfeld and lives there except for his studies. He describes himself as close to home, is chairman of the neudrossenfeld fire department and has been a member of the town council since 2009. The former CSU local association chairman has also made a name for himself as a theater performer. Piquantly, he now also challenges the CSU mayoral candidate harald hubner. "With my know-how and my connection to the people, i wanted to score points and achieve common goals.

Fresh win d needed
Harald kull emphasized "we have the right mayoral candidate, he is the new head of the neudrossenfeld community for us". And councillor franz klatt wanted to challenge his "councillor friend also encouraging "a breath of fresh air must come into the town hall". Bjorn sommerer is sober and objective, but he can also give real criticism when necessary.

From a rough catalog of ideas, sommerer named a few examples: close to the burgers, strengthening of the business location of neudrossenfeld with new settlements of commercial enterprises, new building areas also in the suburbs. The cobblestones in the center of neudrossenfeld are a thorn in his side. He also wanted to trigger new impulses for an intact village community and to initiate a shopping market next to the town hall again. "We are not revolucers, we see what the community has achieved, but we need changes", he showed his determination.

Sommerer called the list itself a strengthening of volunteerism, saying there are many on it who live it and are active in the associations in positions of responsibility. When voting, citizens should look at who has been involved in voluntary work for a long time.

In neudrossenfeld, the election procedure also included the appointment of a representative for the election proposal. Marita partenfelder was appointed to the post, her deputy is bjorn sommerer.

The applicants
1. Bjorn sommerer
2. Heidemarie nitsch
3. Mike kuhnert
4. Thomas kilian
5. Harald kull
6. Marita partenfelder
7. Michael peetz
8. Martin hofknecht
9. Annette fial
10. Jurgen huther
11. Markus schirmer
12. Sabine schnupp
13. Christian szam
14. Evi list
15. Uwe peetz
16. Reno bublic

Substitute candidates are sven partenfelder and klaus waldmann.

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