Building can go ahead in baiersdorf

Building can go ahead in baiersdorf

Altenkunstadtlast year, the municipal council and the building committee gave the go-ahead for the creation of housing in the districts of baiersdorf and pfaffendorf. In the baiersdorf I development area, residential space can be created on eight municipal and three private plots, and six building plots are planned for the pfaffendorf-mitte site.

On tuesday evening, civil engineer manuel kellner from the kellner planning office in bad staffelstein presented the development plans and his cost calculations for the two projects. The financial outlays for baiersdorf amount to around 520000 euros, for pfaffendorf to 350 000 euros. Tendering scheduled for the end of march this year. "Construction work can then begin in april or may", said kellner.

Roadside edging in granite

In both cases, the board opted to build the trench edging in more durable granite rather than slightly less expensive concrete. In baiersdorf, the required water and sewer lines are not laid using the conventional regulator loop system, but using the modern "mono loop system" which had already been used in 2017 for the expansion of the construction area near the protestant church. The special feature of the access system is the concrete boxes embedded in the ground. All utility lines will be laid there as a package in a multifunctional strip in just one trench. Each box contains a summary of the lines.

The municipality hopes that this will make maintenance work easier and save costs in the long term. Fiber-optic lines are also relatively easy to install later, pointed out alexander pfaff, head of the business office, pointing out another advantage. The width of the trenches in each of the two development areas is 5.50 meters.

The baiersdorf residential area is located not far from the entrance to the town coming from altenkunstadt. The pfaffendorf development is to be built above the staatsstrabe between the existing development and the road to the kordigast, which will serve as an access road.

On the state road that runs through pfaffendorf, there are plans to build a crossing aid in consultation with the road construction office and the police. With a view to the planned crossing and the new residential area, the road to kordigast is to be given a 1.50-meter-wide sidewalk. To calm traffic, the road was not widened to 5.80 meters. The road to the kordigast is to be only 4.50 meters wide.

Champagne corks did not pop

The demand notice for the joint instructional swimming pool for alten- and burgkunstadt as well as weismain has arrived. However, mayor robert hummer (CSU) and the councilors did not feel like popping the champagne corks – which is understandable in view of the meager funding rate of 68.9 percent, which is also non-binding. Two years ago 90 percent were still in the room. "It is a good demand, but I am not satisfied", the community leader did not make a pit of murder out of his heart. Hummer put the total cost at just under six million euros. This sum is distributed according to the speaker’s explanations as follows: the ford rate was a sum of 3.284 million. The district of lichtenfels is contributing half a million euros, the neighboring municipality of burgkunstadt 400,000 euros and the city of weismain 225,000 euros in donations. This leaves an own contribution of 1.587 million euros for the community of altenkunstadt, where the bath is to be built on the school and sports grounds in rohrig.

Hummer emphasized wanting to fight for a higher demand. Together with his two deputies georg deuerling from the free electoral community (G) and almut schuhmann (SPD), he wants to pay a visit to the responsible persons in the bavarian ministry of finance in order to achieve the goal after all. Ludwig winkler of the free burghers of the local parts (FBO) saw with view of the demand notice still need for considerations and discussions. This was contradicted by melita braun (CSU), who called for a quick decision after many years of debate. After all, according to braun, the aim is to teach children from six schools the life-saving skill of swimming. Hans-werner schuster (CSU) spoke out in favor of making a final decision in a special meeting.

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