“Coal miners visit stockheim’s miners

A warm welcome was given by the municipality of stockheim with mayor rainer detsch, the miners" association of stockheim and the mining history association the former miners from recklinghausen, who visited the stockheim miners" festival with an 18-strong delegation. The "konig ludwig" colliery working group – member of the forderverein bergbauhistorischer statten ruhrrevier – surprised this time with artistically interesting schwibbogen, which represent the mine konig ludwig in recklinghausen and are very popular especially in the erzgebirge as light arches.
In the meantime the connection to the ruhrpott exists for seven years. And a lot has happened in this short time. Above all, the mining magazine has been considerably enhanced in visual terms by a multi-part mine extension, which was carried out in 2014 with a rough timeline by the miners from recklinghausen.
Above all, both traditional associations have a historical commonality: both in recklinghausen and in the stockheim suburb of reitsch there was once a coal mine called "konig ludwig" in operation in each case from 1872. Archivist klaus may from recklinghausen – who has died in the meantime – in connection with local historian gerd fleischmann had established the contact on the basis of a book research, which was intensified year by year.
However, there is another common feature, because in times of crisis – and there were several in the stockheim mining district – many local miners had to emigrate to the coal pot, including to recklinghausen, as berthold schwammlein was able to ascertain. Contemporary witness is heiner ludwig from stockheim, who made his living as a miner in the ruhr area.
In the meantime, the guests have repeatedly transported relics from the mining era to stockheim, including coal hoppers (mine cars) and a seven-ton blind shaft pulley with a console. And for the miners from recklinghausen, the franconian forest has become their second home. In the meantime, numerous interesting cultural and historical institutions have been visited, including the slate museum in ludwigsstadt, the morassina exhibition mine in schmiedefeld, and the pilgrimage church in vierzehnheiligen with the stockheim votive tablet commemorating the disaster of 1879. "We have become real frankenwald fans", working group leader dieter prove noted. "We feel at home with the stockheimer knappen." To mayor rainer detsch as well as to local historian gerd fleischmann he presented as a special recognition a schwibbogen, in which the coal mine konig ludwig is immortalized. The head of the stockheim community returned the favor with a local history yearbook of the district of kronach.
On friday, mayor rainer detsch had invited to a reception in the town hall to kick off the event. Detsch, who particularly praised the comradeship and solidarity of the miners, expressed his pleasure at the friendly ties between recklinghausen and stockheim. Thanks are due to archivist klaus may (recklinghausen) and local historian gerd fleischmann for making this possible. "Here in reitsch as well as in your town of recklinghausen, the constructional king ludwig II had his own coal mine. However, no splendid pleasure locks were built, but coal mines were named after him", the mayor informed about the reason for this unusual connection. "A close friendship with recklinghausen has grown out of a shared mining history", local history keeper gerd fleischmann stated. This has given the historical reappraisal a further impetus. ">

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