Cold-free for many realschule students

Cold-free for many realschule students

Classes ended after the second period on wednesday for seven classes of the ludwig-derleth-realschule in the school center. They got "cold-free", so to speak.

In the classrooms of the building above the auditorium, the room temperature had dropped to 13.4 degrees in the most extreme case. In other rooms, too, it was barely more than 15 degrees. So the school administration decided to end the lessons."We had to pay tribute to the cold wave," explained deputy principal michael ruckel when asked about the project. Two technical faults occurred simultaneously in the school building’s heating system. Firstly, a heat exchanger failed, and secondly, a pump failed so that no warm air could reach the upper floor. The school gets its heat from the gerolzhofen-nord district heating network.

As early as monday, the temperatures in the affected rooms dropped continuously, reports ruckel. Already on tuesday, some schools were relocated to the containers, which are set up next to the building complex due to the renovation of the school center.

When it was certain that mom, dad, grandma or granny were at home, or that it was possible to pick them up, the children were allowed to go home immediately. All the others moved to the multi-purpose room or free containers and had to wait there – of course under the supervision of teachers – until they were picked up or until the bus arrived. A specialist company was already in the house on wednesday to repair the damage.

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