Colorful family day

colorful family day

In the sign of the spiral, the symbol of development, was the "mother’s day on the trimburg", which the westheimer kindergarten st. Peter and paul organized this year for the tenth time. With an exhibition, several workshops and a theater piece, the "learning workshop for children" was a success once again, dressing the castle in a colorful family day.
The vernissage "the way of the artist" opened the round with a definition about drawing and painting, which are among the earliest and most popular activities of children. Experimenting with colors and shapes, leaving traces and making signs are the building blocks for aesthetic education. The viewer learned that this is not just about creating a beautiful picture, but about expressing and communicating children’s perceptions and ideas. Clearly recognizable were the changes in painting in the course of development.
"The important thing is not the result, but rather to give the children space to gather their own experiences. Each of the young artists chooses his own working material and prepares his own workspace", emphasizes the deputy director of st. Peter and paul, judith weissenberger. Divided into age groups, each team approaches a topic in its own way.
Experiencing the senses and being able to experiment are important aspects of this and create the "aha" effect, for example with the question "what does paint smell like??". The coarser children started painting a "body project heran. With the depiction of a heart painted in oil color, of course, also many pertinent questions were connected, for example "why is blood red??" Or "why do we need a skeleton?".
The 5- to 6-year-olds were challenged to keep their themes in balance between project-oriented design and free expression. On the whole, the wise saying that "everyone is an artist as a child" is true. The difficulty is to remain one as an adult".
The workshops spread throughout the castle invited participation, as every child was allowed to take part in them. Making a lively, colorful wind spiral, laying a glittering spiral in concrete, or making the most beautiful snail shell were all to the liking of the creatively inquisitive group of children. And it is undoubtedly wonderful to wash in a paste made of shaving cream and food coloring, apply it to a mirror and then paint spirals into it.
The opening of the day was taken into their own hands by the children and the flotengruppe with a song they had made up for the occasion. But in fact, mother’s day began the evening before with a free "rokomana-concert that attracted around 150 listeners to the ruin. Donations will go to the "lernwerkstatt fur kinder for a music system.
The kindergarten and the children’s parents took care of the tasting with cream of tomato soup, delicacies from the grill and coffee and homemade cakes. The access road to the landmark, however, remained closed on sunday due to legal requirements. Those who did not want to go to fub could use a shuttle bus.
With the theater piece "the most beautiful snail’s shell the day ended. In the play, eduard loses his house in a snail race and it is trampled on. His friends try to help him. But this turns out to be difficult. Eduard finally discovers the most beautiful snail shell in a garden. A successful fantasy story of friendship and creative skills.

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