Course set for project in elsa

course set for project in elsa

"Nail with heads" the town council of bad rodach made a decision in the matter of the village community center elsa. After the basic decision was made in august of last year to proceed with the renovation of the former country inn, the city council finally set the course for this in its most recent meeting and awarded the first contracts.

Before the "green light the green light, jurgen kittner of the engineering firm kittner& weber explains the planned tree removals. Among other things, it is planned to install a toilet for the disabled, create barrier-free access, replace windows, renovate the kitchen and renew the tiles, floor and walls. The garage is to be converted into a club room.

The former slaughterhouse is also to be renovated. Two containers are set up next to the slaughterhouse as youth space. To provide a covered intermediate area, the roof of the containers will be integrated into the roof of the slaughterhouse. "The container and the slaughterhouse will be clad in wood to create a uniform overall appearance of the adjacent buildings", dear jurgen kittner know.

He calculated the total cost at about 387,000 euros. Kittner also mentioned that the village community had agreed to make its own contributions in some areas. "In this case, only the cost of materials will be incurred by the city."

From the chamber michael fischer it was learned that within the framework of the state requirement "village renewal" grants of 65 percent up to an upper limit of 245,000 euros are to be expected.


A rough request of the village community elsa, which invested a lot of heart and soul into the project, was presented by armin knauf: he asked the city council to approve an additional entrance in the direction of the village square. He explained what an additional income would be for the whole village house. In the estimated cost of 10 000 euro for this mabnahme, according to the words of knauf, the village community will participate with 3000 euro.

Christoph herold (CSU) wanted to include in the resolution that the prerequisite for implementing the project is the conclusion of an agreement with the protestant church on rental and maintenance costs. Not only the additional entrance, but also the construction was unanimously approved. No contracts could be awarded for the electrical, tiling and heating works, as the tenders were unsuccessful. The contracts awarded by the city council have a volume of around 260,000 euros.

According to michael fischer, the next step is to draw up a construction schedule. "I assume that the first mabnahmen will take place soon", said fischer. A completion date could not be spoken about at present yet.

The city council unanimously decided that the lighting in the city area should be converted to LED. 295 mushroom lights and 24 box lights are to be replaced. Electricity consumption was reduced from around 88,000 to 15,000 kilowatt hours per year. The city invests 127 000 euro for this purpose. "In five years, the expenditure will have paid for itself", emphasized mayor tobias ehrlicher (SPD).

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