Dr. Oetker focuses on growth abroad

Dr. Oetker focuses on growth abroad

Dr. Oetker also sees opportunities for growth in germany. In 2012, the family-owned company generated 67 percent of total sales abroad. Sales abroad rose by 10.1 percent (to 1.4 billion euros), in germany by 1.9 percent (to 689 million euros). "Our long-standing strategy of growing primarily in international markets and entering new ones has once again paid off," said company CEO richard oetker in bielefeld on tuesday.

Despite pressure from raw material prices, the company is confident for 2013, said oetker. The first three months of 2013 went well, he said. "In addition to the further expansion of strategic product ranges in all countries, we will also be exploring further opportunities for expansion in foreign markets in the current year."But he also sees opportunities for growth in germany, oetker asserted. Mainly due to raw material prices, dr. Oetker prices up by an average of four percent this year.

After the sales stagnation of 2011, the company was able to achieve significant growth again last year. Sales increased by 7.2 percent to 2.09 billion euros. Almost two-thirds of the increase was due to volume growth and one-third to price increases. To win says dr. Oetker traditionally nothing. The result was satisfactory, it said only. The number of employees climbed to just under 10,000.

109 million euros were invested, and the figure is expected to be similar this year. One focus is the construction of the deep-dish pizza plant in canada with total costs of 130 million dollars, but spread over several years. From 2014, the U.S. Business, which is developing well, will also be supplied from here. "We are an east-westphalian company, we are slowly feeling our way forward," said oetker.

The most recent food scandals had been reported by dr. Oetker not noticeable, assured richard oetker. "Nevertheless we trace the uncertainty of the consumers."Extensive checks are carried out to ensure that the products are flawless. In 2012, the total amount of own inspections and audits amounted to 2.15 million euros. "But there can be no such thing as one hundred percent safety."

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