Eight counterfeit cameras confiscated

Eight counterfeit cameras confiscated

The VW, which was occupied by five rumanians, was noticed by the officers on sunday afternoon on highway 3 in the area of the biebelrieder kreuz interchange. When the police inspected the gulf, they stumbled upon six brand-new camcorders and two sony handycams. However, it quickly became clear that these were cheap imitations.

The oldest of the quintet, which claims to have spent several weeks in belgium and is now on its way home, finally admitted that the plagiarisms belonged to him. Now the 38-year-old is being investigated for, among other things, a violation of trademark law. Only after paying a security deposit of several hundred euros and securing the cameras was he finally allowed to continue the journey with his companions.

In this context, the police draws attention to the fraudulent sale of counterfeit products and cheap goods: please refrain from such purchases, as the supposed snaps quickly turn out to be a mispurchase. In addition to the financial damage, the citizens are often at considerable risk because of the lack of quality in the operation of the equipment. The machines do not have any safety tests and do not carry any of the prestigious labels such as the GS or tuv seal. Often even these seals are forged.

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