Foreign soldiers remain in afghanistan

foreign soldiers remain in afghanistan

U.S. President barack obama and auben minister frank-walter steinmeier (SPD) buried the signature. The agreements provide for foreign soldiers’ immunity from afghan jurisdiction, which was a condition imposed by the u.S. And nato for continued military deployment.

Nato combat mission in the country expires at the end of the year. It is to be followed by a smaller deployment to train and support afghan security forces with around 12,000 soldiers. Germany wants to participate in this "resolute support" mission with up to 800 soldiers. However, the U.S. Plans to withdraw all but a contingent of soldiers from afghanistan by the end of 2016 to protect its embassy in kabul. This would also mean the end of "resolute support".

Afghanistan’s president ashraf ghani, who was only sworn in on monday, said at the televised signing ceremony: "we have read the treaty thoroughly, and i can assure the afghan people that it is to our advantage." The agreements allowed afghanistan to make decisions as an independent state. The U.S. Is still allowed to conduct anti-terrorist operations, but unlike in the past, they can only be conducted with the consent of the afghan government.

Obama called it a "historic day" in the partnership between the two countries. The agreement strengthens the cooperation of the past 13 years and guarantees U.S. Soldiers the necessary legal framework for continued deployment.

Federal minister steinmeier announced: "the timetable until the start of the nato mission on 1. January 2015 is ambitious, but I am confident that we can meet it."Defense minister ursula von der leyen (CDU) also welcomed the signing: "the new afghan government has underscored the importance it attaches to continuing the international military presence beyond 2014."

The taliban, on the other hand, condemned the agreements as "disgrace and tyranny". You shared: "we believe that such documents on paper will not deter the brave nation from holy jihad."Ghani’s leader hamid karsai had refused to sign the agreements with the u.S. And nato until the very end.

According to german nato general hans-lothar domrose, the future nato mission will comprise only about 1,200 to 1,400 military instructors and advisors. "The vast majority of the soldiers will be responsible for logistics, especially medical care and the protection of their own people," domrose told the newspaper "die welt". "Among the 12,000 soldiers of the training mission "resolute support" there will also be combat troops who are able to protect the soldiers of the international community in case of emergency."

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