Forest kindergarten is coming

At its last meeting, the city council was very positive about the construction of a forest kindergarten in hollfeld. Cordula stadter from treppendorf, who sends a child to the forest kindergarten in streitberg, answered the raten's questions.

For 20 years a club runs the forest kindergarten in streitberg. Up to 25 children are cared for in one group, and the parents are actively involved in the kindergarten's activities through the association. Each group will be supervised by an educator and two part-time staff members. According to cordula stadter, no permanent building is needed, only a shelter, a so-called "schutzhutte". A shelter will be rented for extreme weather conditions.

The town of hollfeld shares the costs of running the forest kindergarten, as it does with the regular kindergartens. The remaining costs are borne by the parents of the children through the association. Mayor karin barwisch said that there is currently a waiting list for enrollment in the existing kindergarten and that the forest kindergarten would be a relief. Regarding the fees raised by city councilor georg rohm, the mayor said that they had to be adjusted to the existing kindergarten. Under no circumstances should a competitive situation arise.

Councillor michael schatz thinks the facility is good, but wants to find out more about it on site. Cordula stadter agreed to a visit to wiesenttal. In response to a question from third mayor wolfgang degen on how to deal with the lack of toilet facilities, cordula stadter explained that the forest is used as a toilet.

If the city council makes a suitable site available for the construction of a shelter, kindergarten operations will begin as early as september. 

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