Fubball nostalgia in the congress house

Fubball nostalgia in the congress house

The stage program "basler ballert starts with a whistle. A short passage from "actually i'm a great guy." Epic music and thunderous applause, then he stands on the stage: mario basler – completely casual. Female T-shirt, jeans – the left hand in the pocket of the pants – plus sneakers. Half bald head and a slight tummy line. The years have left their mark on the former professional soccer player.

"The first time in coburg – great". His opening words are as dry as they are sarcastic. "What is your fubball club playing? State league bavaria?", he asks with his usual deep voice and pfalz accent. "State league north-west. We are in franken", it sounds from the audience. "Ah, bavaria, france – it's all the same." His answer causes a murmur in the hall of the congress house.

What follows is a dry and self-deprecating outline of his career: alcoholic escapades before important games, lack of training zeal, freak-outs, side-swipes at players and officials, and a reckoning with the new type of footballer – all garnished with a good portion of semi-serious arrogance. "Today's soccer players have their hairdresser flown in for away games. Four kilos of gel in the grimace and then it's off to the field."

Enthusiastic audience

Mario engelhart sits in the audience – his bayern jersey from the late 1990s with the sponsor inscription of opel fits the occasion. "I've already seen basler in the elf-freunde bar in essen. He is simply authentic", he explains his arrival. The jagdshofer misses "real brands" in profifubball. "Thomas muller sometimes still says what he thinks. But most of the others are only briefed and give pre-formulated answers", complains the 38-year-old. He himself is active with the district league team vfr jagdshof – near sonneberg. "A coach like mario would be a great thing. He was going to push us until we play in the district league", he says, looking back at basler's past coaching stints, and smiles to himself. Also fubballer nino fiedler from kronach was happy to play under an original like basler: "that was uberragend." From his point of view he is not only convincing because of his football knowledge. "He is simply huge as a guy. When someone like that is in coburg, you want to be there."

The 29-year-old remembers well the 1999 champions league final against manchester united. That is also the linchpin of basler's stage program. His bayern lost the game 1:2. He had scored the 1:0 for munich – shortly after his substitution (89). Minute) both goals were conceded. He quips that it was only logical that he should come out the winner.

After the 15-minute "smokers' break basler answers questions from the audience. In addition to many answers with a clear wink – his current market value is 450 million euros or all the goals were his most important – he also occasionally gets serious. Lothar matthaus was his best player and hansi flick is currently doing a good job as coach in munich. After the final whistle and a short encore, basler mischievously announces that he now wants to drink one or two more beers. The suggestion from the audience: "best at the adam" – a coburg pub.

Much encouragement after the show

Mario engelhart found the show very entertaining. Basler's stories from the near box were particularly exciting." But he still wished for something more up to date. Basler's comedy career will never overshadow his soccer career. Nino fiedler joins in the celebrations. He found the performance "totally authentic. That's what I expected, he was already in the whirlpool as a player with a cigarette and a beer ."

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