It’s all a train station or what?

It's all a train station or what?

Understand one this youth! The older generation has always found it difficult to make sense of the actions, fashions and communications of the next generation. Everything seems grotesque, exaggerated and incredibly immature. In the past, people had behaved so embarrassingly that they were not allowed to get under the old people’s noses. The youth of today have no respect at all – especially not for the "age".

Because "age" is the phrase of the decade. Even five year olds address each other like this, no matter if they are girls or boys is at the same time an exclamation of astonishment ("aaaalterrrr!!!"). "Age" nevertheless serves as a variable full word when the vocabulary seems to be exhausted ("…Ah, dude, ah…"). Miraculously, "age" is but has never been chosen as the youth word of the year, probably because the jurors don’t like it so much (lassig) appears.

For that "babo" makes now the round. No, not "station! You have read correctly. If you still don’t understand anything, don’t worry! Everything cool. If your children address you like that, then you have "full respect, dude")!" Because "babo" comes from turkish and means "boss". "Weissu know?!"

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