Neighborhood help: on 15. May on bavarian television

Neighborhood help: on 15. May on bavarian television

To be there for each other, to have time for each other – that is the wish of the unterickelsheim neighborhood help, which has already attracted the attention of bavarian television and will be covered live on wednesday, may 15, on the bavarian TV channel. May, wants to report.

The idea for this kind of help had gerda mertig. The 63-year-old trained nurse, who is in semi-retirement, would like the people in the village to be able to grow old as well. Old people needed help in many small things, then they could continue to live in their houses, female mertig. Information about neighborhood assistance was provided by caritas.

"If you don’t come, i’ll have to move to my daughter’s place or home," a man she has been coaching for some time told her. This statement accelerated the considerations of what could be done in the village for the people, the 63-year-old says.

"Now we are twelve women and three men between the ages of 35 and 70," says mertig happily. They are available for various things on a voluntary basis, i.E. Free of charge. "We don’t do any care and don’t want to compete with any care center or craftsman’s business", she assures.

Rather, it is a matter of minor help in the household, the smallest repairs that pose a problem in everyday life, help with grave maintenance, catering for birthdays or the hourly care of children or fellow citizens in need of help. "I like baking a cake, for example," says beate rabe. She can also give tips on dental issues.

Carola markert offers a ride to uffenheim if needed. Bernhard volkamer is also available for driving services to doctors, for example. Erich falk could help with the snow thumb or just come for a nice chat. It is important that both the people seeking help and their relatives agree. "We don’t want to intrude on families," assures mertig.

"We wanted to offer help on site." Gerda mertig, founder of the nachbarschaftshilfe unterickelsheim

So far, mertig admits, the volunteer group, which is made up of people from a wide variety of professions, has only had a few assignments. But she hopes that word of the neighborhood help service will get around and that it will be accepted by the people of burgundy. "We want to offer help on the spot – for the neighbors among neighbors," she affirms.

For information, please contact gerda mertig, tel. (09 33 9) 10 32 or contact beate rabe, tel. (09 33 9) 15 15.

Bavarian television reports in the "frankenschau aktuell" on 15. May, at 17.30 a.M. On the topic of "neighborly help – the family of the future

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