New fire truck for memmelsdorf comes closer

New fire truck for memmelsdorf comes closer

The "solar park buch" development plan was once again on the agenda of the untermerzbach community council. Comments on the disclosure resolution and also on the determination resolution were weighed up. After knowing this, the committee unanimously approved the two proposals – a further step in favor of "solarpark buch". For the last time, the town council was attended by managing director edgar maier, who retired from the 30. June is retiring, as mayor helmut dietz (SPD) somewhat wistfully noted. Administrative specialist tanja zurl, who succeeds maier as head of the municipality of untermerzbach, was also appointed head of the registry office.

Five offers for fire truck

First dietz announced the result of the youngest building committee meeting to the body, before he referred to the individual points to the ascertainment and disclosure resolution of the development plan "solar park buch" entered. There were no questions about this from the ranks of the municipal council, so that a representative of the operators could be dismissed again.

There are plans to purchase a new fire truck for the memmelsdorf fire department. However, problems arose because a call for tenders had been unsuccessful. "Now edgar maier has reworked everything and we have put out to tender again with different technical requirements", said dietz, involving the fire department.

Five bids were received, but not a complete package, but with different components such as vehicle, vehicle body and equipment. The whole thing was evaluated using a complicated points system, dietz explained. It was thus concluded to award the corresponding contracts to the bidders of the company magirus and the company ludwig feuerschutz.

45000 euro in request funds

"It is a rough process for such a small vehicle", stated the mayor. The orders have a total volume of 202,690 euros, as dietz quickly calculated on his calculator. 45 000 euros there will be in demand funds.

However, the red helmets of memmelsdorf will have to wait for some time before they can take delivery of the vehicle. Dietz: "it will take another 18 months from receipt of the chassis until the vehicle is completely assembled.

Councillor stefanie bobrich announced that this year the vacation program in the municipality will be cancelled due to corona. "The mayors of the district also agreed on this at a meeting, the mayor added.

Second mayor dieter reisenweber (CSU) reported from the youngest school association meeting of the middle school ebern, where mayor helmut dietz had been elected deputy of the chairman jurgen hennemann.

The committee and mayor dietz were unhappy that the remodeling of the middle school is being delayed due to a lack of communication from the government of lower franconia.

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