Opera ring bad kissingen: program for the 37. Season is set

Opera ring bad kissingen: program for the 37. season is set

The opera ring bad kissingen has existed since 1983. He is part of the volkshochschule bad kissingen. Subscribers attend eight performances per season at various opera houses and theaters. The performances take place on weekends. The performance venues have been chosen in such a way that it is still possible to drive back to bad kissingen after the performances. Overnight stays are therefore excluded. The trips to the respective performances take place on a tour bus. The boarding point is in bad kissingen at berliner platz. The departure times can be found in the season program.

Am 6. October the opera ring travels to kassel to see "der wildschutz. When at the end of the overture a shot rings out loudly, this is the beginning of a confusion and disguise event that could hardly be more turbulent: this shot was fired by the village schoolmaster baculus, who on the occasion of his engagement to the suben gretchen has shot a supposed roebuck in the woods of count eberbach. Now this illegal poaching is threatening to become a prison sentence for him. Because if he were to lose his position, it would be all over for the wedding. Here comes the "incognito" that is often used in comedy to help: a baroness appears as a pretend gretchen at the count’s in order to besanftigen him, a baron pretends to be a stable boy and woos that "false" one and the love-hungry count immediately makes a pass at both of them. One fiery declaration of love follows the next, until the masks finally fall, baculus sells his bride for 5000 thalers and the roebuck turns out to be an ass.

On 3. November stands "don pasquale on the program in erfurt. The rich householder don pasquale, after being alone for a long time, waits for a bride promised to him by his family doctor malatesta. He does not know that his future wife is in reality his nephew ernesto’s mistress, the young widow norina. The young woman wants to found a family in pasquale’s house, but without him. In order to achieve this, malatesta invents a wild intrigue where everyone lies to everyone else and plays different roles.

The opera "hansel and gretel in wiesbaden on 15 december. December in the program. Engelbert humperdinck wrote it together with his sister adelheid wette, who based the text on the collection of marches by the brothers grimm. Since its premiere in 1893, the opera has taken the stages by storm, delighting many generations of children (and adults), especially at christmas time. "Hansel and gretel is full of melodies of children’s songs.

To meiningen for "la rondine ride the opera ring on 12. January. In the salon of magda, who lives with the elderly banker rambaldo, the talk turns to the latest parisian fashion: sentimental love. Magda tells her guests that she wants to experience once again the feeling of a love that flares up, like the time when she danced with a student. The poet prunier prophesies that she will soon fly like a swallow towards love. And indeed: on the same evening she goes unrecognized to a parisian dance hall, where she meets ruggero. She pretends to be "paulette" and the two fall in love. She leaves rambaldo to live with ruggero on the côte d’azur. Ruggero, who has no idea of magda’s true identity and past, imagines a future together with her, but the idyll soon becomes too monotonous for the swallow. Driven by the longing for a different life, she flies away.

"Rigoletto" in frankfurt will be presented on 16. February. Verdi made his breakthrough as a successful opera composer with this somber, his most tragic opera: the duke ruthlessly dominates a society. His jester believes he can manipulate the others. He keeps his daughter gilda like a sacred treasure so that she does not fall victim to the duke’s greed. But gilda seizes the first opportunity to flee, fatally into the arms of the duke. The directing team shows in its production only violent, selfish people, whose belief in a higher good power is as rotten as the rusty cathedral in which the action takes place.

On 15. March the opera ring travels to gera. There is "un ballo in maschera" ("a masked ball") ("a masked ball") is on the program. At the morning audience, count riccardo receives from oscar the guest list of the masquerade ball. On this list there is also amelia. Riccardo has a secret love affair with renato’s wife. Renato, actually riccardo’s friend, who doesn’t know about the liaison, warns him against a politically motivated conspiracy. At the center of giuseppe verdi’s (1813-1901) opera is a love affair that already carries within itself the seeds of conspiracy. The love between riccardo and amelia is opposed not only by the valid morality, but also by the friendship between riccardo and renato. Premiered in rome in 1859, "a ball in masks" is fascinating through its sharp contrasts in plot and music.

"You are thought of, mother!" The last words of the gypsy azucena reveal the driving force in verdi’s "trovatore", the opera ring on 5. April in wiesbaden. The plot resembles a nightmare in which the past and the dead dominate the present of the living. Thus, azucena’s revenge for the burning of her mother at the stake by the old count luna determines the fate of all the characters. Verdi’s masterpiece of romantic music theater will be staged by philipp M. Krenn, whose "peter grimes" was celebrated by press and public alike.

At the 16. May becomes "roberto devereux visited karlsruhe. The unhappy love story between roberto and elisabeth I. From england, which will eventually cost devereux his life, the composer has poured into soulful melodies. At the end of the opera, the queen realizes that she no longer has any hope of a happy future, abdicates the throne and ends the reign of the house of tudor. For the karlsruhe ensemble members, chamber singer ina schlingensiepen as queen elisabeth, eleazar rodriguez as roberto devereux and armin kolarczyk in the role of the duke of nottingham, donizetti’s melodies are parade parts.

British director and bel canto specialist harry fehr makes his german debut at the staatstheater with roberto devereux, following productions in the uk and denmark.

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