Spd wants to rediscover its socio-political competence

Spd wants to rediscover its socio-political competence

The SPD district of rodachtal held its traditional fish dinner on ash wednesday again this year. This time, the venue was the sportheim in unterrodach. After the funeral by local association chairman norbert friedlein and district chairman andreas buckreus, district manager thilo moosmann addressed the audience of about 40 people as guest speaker. After a brief review of the history of political ash wednesday, the main part of his speech dealt with the state of the SPD at the federal and state levels, and he described his view as a "simple comrade.

In the past years of the grand coalition, many decisions and compromises were supported out of a sense of responsibility for state policy. As a result, the differences between the CDU/CSU and the SPD were no longer always clearly discernible for the voters. At the same time, he said, political successes such as the introduction of a minimum wage "were not sold properly to the people" in the face of various oppositions. After the past electoral defeats, however, the right path has now been taken and in the coming years the government will again pursue broader social policy goals, such as reforms in the areas of pensions and unemployment benefit II. "The SPD must and will reinvent or partly reinvent its social policy competence", said moosmann.

This year, the european elections are coming up, in which the voter turnout is very low according to experience. Moosmann called for people to go to the polls. Even though many populists have been maligning europe, the bottom line is that it is a success story and more than just a trade union," said moosmann. Of course, things were also in trouble in brussels, but a departure from europe was unthinkable in terms of world politics, because a single country could hardly assert its interests against world powers such as the USA or china.


Dfb women defeat nigeria in the quarterfinals

Dfb women defeat nigeria in the quarterfinals

Alexandra popp dances in the center circle after winning and scoring in the jubilee match. Then she clapped her hands with the laughing lea schuller. The german women’s soccer team has advanced to the quarterfinals of the world cup in style.

17 minutes ago.988 spectators at the stade des alpes in grenoble saw an unrivaled 3-0 (2-0) win over nigeria. Player-guide alexandra popp (20). Minute) scored in her 100th match. Headers take the lead in the national match. The second goal was scored by sara dabritz (27).) from a penalty kick. Lea schuller (82.) ensured with her goal for the decision. "We really played a good game," said alexandra popp on ZDF. "We were sovereign. I am happy."

It was the eighth win for the DFB women in their eighth match against nigeria. They will now face the winner of the match between sweden and canada, which will be decided on monday in paris, in the round of the last eight next saturday in rennes.


Feature: merkel with aunt emma’s grandchildren

Feature: merkel with aunt emma's grandchildren

Simply use your smartphone to photograph the items you want from a light wall with product photos, click on the shopping cart icon – and then pick up everything a little later. "Great," escapes one of the visitors to the trade fair, who on opening day tries to catch a glimpse of the prominent visitor and her companion, polish prime minister donald tusk, above the throng of camera people.

But chancellor angela merkel (CDU) is not so easily impressed. "I have a request," she says. "There’s also a clearly visible sign that you can use to get it out of the basket if you’ve bought too much." Merkel hits it off with the stand visitors. She’s a veteran – it’s already her eighth tour of the high-tech trade show.

Close behind her, like a shadow, is lower saxony’s new minister president stephan weil (SPD), who just a few weeks ago pushed merkel’s political son-in-law, david mcallister (CDU), out of his seat of office.


Tsh ladies: bankruptcy in leipzig

Tsh ladies: bankruptcy in leipzig

Motivated to the hilt and full of anticipation for the first game of the season, the handball players from herzogenaurach set off for saxony on sunday. The first opponent in the new season was title aspirant HC leipzig. The latter directly put an exclamation mark behind its season goal and defeated the frankinnen clearly with 32:23.

Game structure disrupted from the start

With over 500 fans behind them, HC leipzig showed from the start who was boss in the hall. With a very mobile 6:0 defense, they disrupted the herzogenaurach buildup from the start. After the host took a 2:0 lead, the herzogenaurach girls tied the game at 2:2 for the last time in the entire course of the game. From then on, the saxons dominated the game and increased the lead goal by goal. Again and again, it was the tireless lucy-marie kretzschmar, daughter of the former world-class handball player stefan kretzschmar, and julia weise, who brought the herzogenaurach defense into motion with pressure. With cross movements they pulled apart the inner block and showed their individual class in one-on-one situations.

TSH, on the other hand, did not get into the game right from the start. In attack, they failed to create clear scoring opportunities and got bogged down in energy-sapping individual actions. Too often the herzogenaurach girls were caught in the leipzig defense or found their master in the strong goalkeeper ellen janssen. The team from leipzig took advantage of the visitors’ rash ball losses and switched to counterattacking in a flash. They scored easy goals from the first and second wave and extended their lead to 17:9 by halftime. During the half-time break, the coaching team of rene friedrich and steffi mittasch encouraged their team to focus on the basics. The defense should be more clearly ordered and the attacks better played out. In terms of personnel, friedrich made full use of his resources and fielded all players.


State theater: michelbach wants cost cap

State theater: michelbach wants cost cap

As a member of the bundestag, hans michelbach (CSU) actually had nothing to do with the coburg state theater. But michelbach is also a city council member and economic politician. He says that the regional theater is one of the region’s soft factors, but he says that the city will have to pay a lot for the upcoming renovation and the planned expansion: 25 percent of the renovation costs and half of the costs for the new buildings in the area between the IHK and the upper burglab.

So it is agreed, but how much money it will be in the end, no one knows yet. So far, there are only rough cost estimates, which range – depending on the expansion – between 90 and 110 million euros. That’s why michelbach is now calling for a "cost cap" for the city: the financing agreement with the freestate must be amended to include a maximum contribution for the city of coburg.

However, michelbach did not want to say how high this should be during the press interview on tuesday. The city and state government are being asked to demand reliable figures from the planners. "There must be clarity quickly. Now are still at work those who have given the commitments. This must be used." In any case, michelbach said, he had also used the current negotiations in the bundesrat to talk with bavaria’s finance minister, albert furacker.


A life for singing and associations

A life for singing and associations

For karl dauer, choral singing was one of the most enjoyable forms of recreation there is. On 2. The singer died in june at the age of 86. Dauer came to haig in 1949 at the age of 15. He soon discovered his love of choral singing, which is why he joined the "liederkranz" choral society in january 1952 followed by. Elected second chairman in 1970, he took over as leader four years later.

Unforgotten for the haiger are the butten evenings in the 60's and 70's, which dauer played a major role in shaping. He also helped launch the haiger children's carnival. He was also a great friend of amateur dramatics.

His "haiger lied went into the history of the "liederkranz a. He also expressed his close ties to his homeland in a poem about "die haache leut" ("the people who live here") to express. Karl dauer played a decisive role in bringing the executive committees of the haiger associations together to form a "kirchweihmontag" community of interest united.


“Likenesses” in bad bruckenau

Sunday, 23. June begins in the gallery form+farbe in bad bruckenau an exhibition of the painter veronika zyzik, who works in kleinsassen at the art station and there is the "free art school" directs. From her extensive and varied oeuvre, she is showing a selection of portraits in bad bruckenau.

That’s why this exhibition is titled "konterfeis", an old word for images.

Veronika zyzik was born in rynik (poland), studied free art and painting with professor kurt haug at the kassel university of applied sciences from 1987 to 1993 and graduated with a diploma. She has lived in rhon since 1993 and has taught painting and drawing at the volkshochschule fulda since 1994


Quarrels at the village festival

In the process, he hit them several times in the face with his hand. When the uninvolved friend of the victim tried to fight back, she also got her fat off. The young man hit the 18-year-old several times on the cheeks. A concerned companion took the precaution of informing the police.

Too much jagermeister
In the afternoon around 16 o'clock a police patrol found a teenager lying in a garden opposite the village fair. An alcohol test showed 2.06 per mille. Since the mother could not be reached, a patrol delivered the teenager to the lichtenfels hospital due to her alcohol consumption. The high blood alcohol level she reached by excessive consumption of jagermeister from the bottle on the way to the village festival. The bottle was given to her by a friend the day before. Due to the high alcohol level, a procedure for dangerous bodily injury was initiated against the 24-year-old.

Solid dispute
A young man had an altercation with the security guards and the police at the festival square. He had first beaten a young man's ear bloody. When the securities tried to send him off, he fought back. Even the arrival of two police officers did not impress him. He ignored the request to leave the place and come with to the police vehicle and resisted with all strength against it. Even putting on handcuffs didn't help much. He also refused to get into the vehicle. Finally, he was put into the service vehicle with physical force. Become. An alcohol test on the 18-year-old revealed a blood alcohol level of 2.04 per mille. A blood sample was taken at the hospital. In addition to the physical injury, he will be prosecuted for resisting law enforcement officers.


It’s all a train station or what?

It's all a train station or what?

Understand one this youth! The older generation has always found it difficult to make sense of the actions, fashions and communications of the next generation. Everything seems grotesque, exaggerated and incredibly immature. In the past, people had behaved so embarrassingly that they were not allowed to get under the old people’s noses. The youth of today have no respect at all – especially not for the "age".

Because "age" is the phrase of the decade. Even five year olds address each other like this, no matter if they are girls or boys is at the same time an exclamation of astonishment ("aaaalterrrr!!!"). "Age" nevertheless serves as a variable full word when the vocabulary seems to be exhausted ("…Ah, dude, ah…"). Miraculously, "age" is but has never been chosen as the youth word of the year, probably because the jurors don’t like it so much (lassig) appears.

For that "babo" makes now the round. No, not "station! You have read correctly. If you still don’t understand anything, don’t worry! Everything cool. If your children address you like that, then you have "full respect, dude")!" Because "babo" comes from turkish and means "boss". "Weissu know?!"


“It never lets you go”

The murder of 31-year-old christian trautner from hausen caused a nationwide stir 20 years ago in october. The police chief had been out with a colleague on the night shift. When the patrol officers wanted to carry out a routine check at the fube of erlanger burgberg, the driver fled and was apprehended a short time later in bubenreuth. While the patrol officers thought they were looking at a fleeing drunk, it was in fact the serious criminal marcel E, who was wanted on a warrant. From forchheim. He opened fire on the two policemen without warning, killing christian trautner and seriously injuring his colleague.

In the days following the crime of 12. October 2000 police unionists and politicians from the federal and state governments pressed for better self-protection for police officers. The government in rhineland-palatinate, for example, called for the use of video cameras in patrol cars. The german police union coined the term "american conditions" new rules for traffic checks: in germany, too, it must become law that the driver puts his hand on the steering wheel during traffic checks.

Many of the demands of those days have been forgotten. However, the memory of the murdered. A few days ago, a memorial stone was unveiled for him at the scene of the crime in bubenreuth’s frankenstrabe. The response was great, and not only among christian trautner’s colleagues.