Eight counterfeit cameras confiscated

Eight counterfeit cameras confiscated

The VW, which was occupied by five rumanians, was noticed by the officers on sunday afternoon on highway 3 in the area of the biebelrieder kreuz interchange. When the police inspected the gulf, they stumbled upon six brand-new camcorders and two sony handycams. However, it quickly became clear that these were cheap imitations.

The oldest of the quintet, which claims to have spent several weeks in belgium and is now on its way home, finally admitted that the plagiarisms belonged to him. Now the 38-year-old is being investigated for, among other things, a violation of trademark law. Only after paying a security deposit of several hundred euros and securing the cameras was he finally allowed to continue the journey with his companions.

In this context, the police draws attention to the fraudulent sale of counterfeit products and cheap goods: please refrain from such purchases, as the supposed snaps quickly turn out to be a mispurchase. In addition to the financial damage, the citizens are often at considerable risk because of the lack of quality in the operation of the equipment. The machines do not have any safety tests and do not carry any of the prestigious labels such as the GS or tuv seal. Often even these seals are forged.


Reading fodder from the red phone booth

Reading fodder from the red phone booth

Edgar allan poe with payments, charlotte link with the novel "in the valley of the fox", john grisham with "the farm as well as non-fiction books about pharaohs and country houses in tuscany, plus the story of tristan and isolde and a biography of napoleon. These bucher and many more formed the "basic equipment" the first "public bookcase in the public space" as well as, which was opened at gartenstadter markt.

One book in, one book out

Whether the aforementioned gang can still be found in the bright red telephone booth opposite the ice cream parlor on saturday? Hopefully not. After all, the idea of the book barrier is to ensure a high, preferably continuous turnover. One book in, one book out – that’s the ideal formula for how these free book exchanges work.

Together with the branch st. Kunigund of the city library and its director monika cobb, the burgerverein gartenstadt is a pioneer in bamberg with this bookcase.


Puma’s janitor has left

Puma's janitor has left

Michael busch heinz matthaus is dead. The father of herzogenaurach soccer player lothar matthaus died last wednesday at the age of 88. He was born on 29. November 1930.

Even if he has always remained in the background, at least in herzogenaurach he was just as well known as his son. Not under his real birth name "karl, but as "heinz he was and is known. After the war, he came to herzogenaurach. In hofen, the refugee was accepted and quickly made friends, as he was a talented organizer. "Heinz also organized sugar in tuchenbach – a valuable rarity at that time – and brought the first stable rabbits home", so his companion werner bedner told during a review of these eventful days after the war in a historical story in the french day.

Kicking boys

In the course of time, heinz matthaus started working for the sporting goods manufacturer puma. The family lived next to the company headquarters on wurzburger strabe. Companions remember that the two sons wolfgang and lothar were always allowed to kick there. That probably didn’t always go off without a hitch. The brose told the press: "the ball often flew into dirt puddles and then bounced against the yellow house wall. At some point, the from print was ubersat." Sometimes his father had to secretly replace a pane when a shot went wrong. "Puma and the name matthaus – they belong together in herzogenaurach", said lothar matthaus, when he once visited the central office there. As a janitor, the senior was known not only to the company’s employees.


Ski jumping expert with soft tones: stefan horngacher

Ski jumping expert with soft tones: stefan horngacher

Stefan horngacher and his best ski jumper have something in common. The national coach and karl geiger are pretty much the opposite of what you would call a "loudspeaker".

When horngacher talks about the prospects of success for the german four hills tour hopeful, he does so in a low voice and also extremely restrained in terms of content. "The chances are the same as for everyone else," says werner schuster’s successor at the rustic team hotel in lans near innsbruck. In view of second place in the overall standings and a gap of only about 3.5 meters to the leader ryoyu kobayashi, this is already very defensive.

The fact that one year after the strong performances of markus eisenbichler, who only had to admit defeat to high-flyer kobayashi from japan, a german once again has realistic chances of winning the golden eagle for the overall winner, is also horngacher’s work. The austrian has rebuilt a lot after the end of the eleven-year ara under werner schuster in the summer.


Strabenbeitrage abolished – appeal of the city will be decided on tuesday

Strabenbeitrage abolished - appeal of the city will be decided on tuesday

Andreas oswald

Now the city officially announces that from 1. January 2018 no more road expansion charges will be levied in forchheim. Irrespective of this, however, a decision will be made next tuesday at the administrative court in munich as to whether a resident of kasernstrabe is actually right, who had filed a lawsuit against the extension fees and won against the city in the first instance.
Last year, the bayreuth administrative court ruled that kasernstrabe was to be considered a main road and not an adjoining road. It is about 4500 euros, which the city had to pay back to the renter. The city has appealed against this decision, which will now be decided next week in a higher instance in munich.
This decision will also be of interest to the residents of the jagdstrabe, who have filed an objection with fub for the same reason. In its official announcement, however, the city draws attention to the fact that "notices issued before 1 january of the following year will not be considered. The ordinances issued on january 1, 2018, remain valid. The appeals authorities will deal with any legal proceedings that follow in accordance with the regulations in force up to 31 december 2009. December 2017 applicable legal situation decided."
The only thing that is no longer charged is the road construction fee for the renewal or improvement of local roads and public roads with barriers and their illumination.

Further erschliebungsbeitrags

But watch out: "development contributions for the initial final construction of local roads must continue to be levied by the municipalities", according to the city's press release. This also applies to a few local roads in forchheim that have only been provisionally constructed and for which no contribution to the development costs has yet been levied. "If these are finally made, the contributory costs are passed on to the residents at 90 percent", it says in the announcement signed by the mayor uwe kirschstein. As heike fasbender from the building administration explains, this applies, for example, to the new building area on weingartsteig. The von pappenheim- and wallensteinstrabe are also still provisional facilities, which have not yet been settled – this will be done when they are finally built.


Forest kindergarten is coming

At its last meeting, the city council was very positive about the construction of a forest kindergarten in hollfeld. Cordula stadter from treppendorf, who sends a child to the forest kindergarten in streitberg, answered the raten's questions.

For 20 years a club runs the forest kindergarten in streitberg. Up to 25 children are cared for in one group, and the parents are actively involved in the kindergarten's activities through the association. Each group will be supervised by an educator and two part-time staff members. According to cordula stadter, no permanent building is needed, only a shelter, a so-called "schutzhutte". A shelter will be rented for extreme weather conditions.

The town of hollfeld shares the costs of running the forest kindergarten, as it does with the regular kindergartens. The remaining costs are borne by the parents of the children through the association. Mayor karin barwisch said that there is currently a waiting list for enrollment in the existing kindergarten and that the forest kindergarten would be a relief. Regarding the fees raised by city councilor georg rohm, the mayor said that they had to be adjusted to the existing kindergarten. Under no circumstances should a competitive situation arise.


Drunk man insults and attacks patrol officers

A 34-year-old man insulted a patrolman from the herzogenaurach police department at around one o’clock on saturday night in eichelmuhlgasse in herzogenaurach. According to the press report, the man gave the officers the middle finger as they passed him. Before he could be checked, he attacked the patrolman. However, he could be held back by two people who were traveling with him. During the identity check, the man did not want to show his identification document, so he was told that he would be taken into custody.

Under the influence of alcohol

During the inspection it was also discovered that the man was under the influence of alcohol. The 34-year-old still did not follow the instructions of the officers. Shortly before being taken into custody, the 34-year-old turned away from the officers and went into his apartment to look for his identification card. He insulted one of the officers with the words "fuck you".
At that moment, other friends came to the man’s aid and put themselves between the officers and the 34-year-old man. In the process, one of the police officers was forced to leave. During the arrest, the 34-year-old repeatedly showed his middle finger to the police officers. He then handed over his identity card to the officers.

Friends intervene

In order to check the personnel, the officers went to the patrol car. Meanwhile, the 34-year-old came to the patrol car and again aggressively went after the officers, whereupon reinforcement was requested. The man could again be held back by friends. The extremely aggressive person was then taken back to the apartment by his friends and hidden from the officers. After the personalities were determined, no further immediate inspections followed. Nevertheless, the man awaits criminal proceedings for insult.


Information from electromobility to climate protection

information from electromobility to climate protection

After its premiere two years ago, the coburg climate market is starting on sunday, 17. September, a new round. The environment/climate protection department of the city of coburg and the climate protection management of the coburg district invite all citizens, whether large or small, to this special market.
Between 11 a.M. And 4 p.M., numerous information and hands-on booths await visitors to the coburg marketplace, offering the perfect opportunity to learn about climate change and find out how everyone can help protect the climate. Numerous environmental and climate protection players in the region contribute to the success of this special market event.

Everyone can save CO2

The "electromobility for coburg" meeting provides information on the practicality and driving performance of electric cars in everyday life with numerous electric car models, for example.
Bund naturschutz and greenpeace shed light on the effects of climate change and show ways of saving CO2 for everyone.
Transition coburg, climate protection manager lisa guntner and peter langendorf are dedicated to the topics of sustainability and plastic avoidance and, among other things, are waiting with an active educational trail and a self-built, modified marble run for visitors who want to determine and improve their ecological footprint. The environment/climate protection department provides an example of waste avoidance by presenting its latest campaign to avoid disposable coffee cups and the first "coffee-to-go-again"-mugs put into circulation.
In addition, the german transport club provides information about the new bus and train schedules in the coburg region as of december 2017, and visitors can take an e-bike or segway test ride to learn about other options for environmentally friendly mobility. Some political parties are also represented and provide information on their climate protection policies.
The climate market also marks the start of bavaria’s climate week in the coburg region, which has been held since 9. September run, actively used to make people more aware of climate protection and sustainability issues and also to focus on them in the federal elections. The highlight of the event will be a panel discussion at 2 p.M. On the topic of "climate protection today and tomorrow in the coburg region – what can politics do for our climate?!?".
In this round of discussions, the candidates for the bundestag in the coburg/kronach electoral district and the two climate protection representatives from the coburg city and district councils, wolfgang weib and christian gunsenheimer, face questions from moderator thomas apfel about the possibilities for action and the duties of politics.
For the physical well-being, the lindenhof clover factory and the unique E-ICE-mobile from rodental, which has already won several awards, will be providing solar power in the spirit of climate protection and treating visitors to delicious vegan ice creams.


Klarschlamm goes to eltmann

Klarschlamm goes to eltmann

For decades, clear sludge was allowed to be used as manure in agriculture. Now, however, a tightening of the dung ordinance came into force that restricts the application in the fields. This means that the municipalities and cities are faced with major problems in disposal. They want to solve this problem together in the district in a special-purpose association or look for their own disposal methods. The kirchlauter municipal council decided at its meeting to deliver the facal sludge from the kirchlauter clarification plant to the clarification plant of the eltmann/ebelsbach wastewater association in eltmann.

The clarified sludge from the kirchlauter clarification plant has been used for agricultural purposes up to now. Mayor karl-heinz kandler (SPD) announced that the municipality will have to look for new disposal methods due to the stricter requirements. The legislator wants to ensure that in the future only a small proportion of the clear sludge produced is used for agricultural purposes.

The municipality and its suburb of neubrunn discharge wastewater into the clarification plant in eltmann. The company also operates its own clarification plant in kirchlauter and pettstadt, which naturally also produces clarified sludge.


Steamship for the economy – gross domestic product down

steamship for the economy - gross domestic product down

Slowed by problems in the automotive industry, the german economy contracted for the first time in three and a half years.

Gross domestic product (gdp) fell by 0.2 percent in the third quarter compared with the previous quarter, according to the federal statistical office.

The wiesbaden authorities thus confirmed earlier data. The difficulties of the car industry, which is so important for germany, in switching to the new WLTP emissions test standard have left their mark on private consumption and exports. The cooling of the global economy was also a burden on germany as an export nation in general.