Patrick karls lonely race

Patrick karls lonely race

For a real obstacle runner, the stairs up to the adenauerbrucke are no problem. And so patrick karl of the bavarian riot police on wednesday with a rough lead the 11. Wurzburg company race won. The newly crowned german runner-up over the 3000 meter hurdle needed exactly 22:59 minutes for the 7.4 kilometer loop from dallenbergbad to vierrohrenbrunnen.

The best time undercut

The ochsenfurt athlete, who recently turned 20, beat the best time of his police colleague mario wernsdorfer from 2013 by a full fifteen seconds and was correspondingly satisfied. "It was a good training run and was fun," he said after his triumph. Together with three other top bepo athletes, among them his brother dominik, karl also secured victory in the team classification ahead of the fastest four runners from the main-post. Patrick karl was 21 seconds off the company run course record set by manuel stockert in 2011, but this was easy to get over for the track and field athlete who is used to success.

Next goal is already waiting

In the beginning several runners had made good tempo. After the old main bridge it became a lonely race for patrick karl. The second-placed bernd scharf (wegmann automotive) he took almost a minute off. Third place went to mebrahtom gebrehiwet (evangelische jugendhilfe) in 24:01 minutes.

"The atmosphere at the course was so good that i was able to break away. After that, the others couldn’t keep up anymore," reported karl, who will compete in the german U23 junior championships in the near future. Long-term goal remains the obstacle course at the 2020 olympics in tokyo. "I’m still a few seconds short of the qualification standard," says karl, "but I’m still a bit too young."

In the women’s competition, gudrun mi-chels (BASF) was the winner, crossing the finish line after 31:51 minutes. Second place went to ute lemmich from the mainfrankischen werkstatten in 32:14 minutes, third place to laura stauder (runners point) in 32:24 minutes.

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