Reading fodder from the red phone booth

Reading fodder from the red phone booth

Edgar allan poe with payments, charlotte link with the novel "in the valley of the fox", john grisham with "the farm as well as non-fiction books about pharaohs and country houses in tuscany, plus the story of tristan and isolde and a biography of napoleon. These bucher and many more formed the "basic equipment" the first "public bookcase in the public space" as well as, which was opened at gartenstadter markt.

One book in, one book out

Whether the aforementioned gang can still be found in the bright red telephone booth opposite the ice cream parlor on saturday? Hopefully not. After all, the idea of the book barrier is to ensure a high, preferably continuous turnover. One book in, one book out – that’s the ideal formula for how these free book exchanges work.

Together with the branch st. Kunigund of the city library and its director monika cobb, the burgerverein gartenstadt is a pioneer in bamberg with this bookcase.

BV chairman matthias neller not only bought the old phone booth on e-bay in the fall, but also organized its transport from furstenfeldbruck to bamberg and took care of what in his opinion was an absolutely necessary preservation: now the booth shines in red, has lettering on the sides and a poster frame on the back for information from the city library and the burghers’ association. Inside, it is equipped with a steel shelving system.

The burgerverein paid 1500 euros for the whole thing, and chairman matthias neller contributed 50 hours of his own work. In the last few days, when he was out in the open swinging a paintbrush, he had to listen to a lot of good advice about his work and other world problems, because the people of gartenstadt made extensive use of the opportunity to make their opinions known to the BV chairman on all kinds of topics. "You had your mouth on my ear" neller describes the situation in a variation of the proverb.

With gentle pressure

Now he has done it, because the bookcase is ready. At least gentle pressure was exerted by mayor christian for a long time in order to be able to present the bookcase as quickly as possible, it was said at the opening ceremony.

The mayor sees himself getting closer to his goal of making bamberg a city of books: after the successful literature festival and the pen conference, another chapter in the city’s history is now to be opened the history of the book town opened up. The message of the bookcase is very simple: it should motivate people to read. Lange is also pleased that this will strengthen the decentralized nature and importance of the individual city districts. That’s why he asked christiane weib, the head of the city library, to think about what a concept for the public book barrier would have to look like in order to be able to roll it out across the whole city.

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