Second kronach engagement bourse gets even rougher and more colorful

Second kronach engagement bourse gets even rougher and more colorful

Kronach- the first kronach engagement borsa for sniffing out, stealing ideas, networking and trying things out was to be discovered in september 2017. Many visitors were impressed by the colorful range of products and services offered by the "engaged city" and its cooperation partners. On saturday, 13. October, the "market of opportunities" is now starting into the second round. Initiator is the "engaged city with the coordination center for civic engagement (kobe) in the kronach district.

"The goal of the borse is to draw attention to the diversity and attractiveness of volunteer work in the city and county of kronach, to encourage cooperation between the associations and, above all, to recruit burghers as new "volunteers", claudia ringhoff, project coordinator of the "engaged city", made this clear, as well as sabine nuber from kobe. And the concept was already a success at the premiere: every association was able to go home with new contacts from interested parties. There have been some concrete commitments and even a new project idea has been launched. Thus motivated, it was agreed that a continuation of the action is needed: even more coarse and colorful, with even more providers, interested and good ideas.

22 exhibitors already registered

"This will be a good reflection of our volunteerism in the city and county.", ringhoff is pleased about the registration of 22 exhibitors so far – more than twice as many as in 2017. "With over 1.8 million members nationwide, the vdk is germany’s largest social association", explained district chairman heinz hausmann. Unfortunately, volunteer work in the 39 local associations in the district is declining. He hopes that the borse will attract committed new members. BRK volunteer manager ralf schmidt could not confirm that the willingness to volunteer was diminishing. "The honorary office has changed", he spoke from experience. A permanent "commitment he says that there are often no more volunteers over a period of decades, but rather on a project basis over a certain period of time.

The goal of getting young people into volunteer work is pursued by struwwelpeter director samuel rauch. At present, there are just under 50 volunteers in seven volunteer teams. At the borse, the youth and culture center also serves drinks and takes care of the technology. Despite all the efforts, the seniors should not be forgotten, appealed johannes hausmann, pedagogical staff member of the VHS kronach. These had a wealth of experience and knowledge as well as free time capacities.

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