Solar park: petition committee of the state parliament comes to kupferberg

Solar park: petition committee of the state parliament comes to kupferberg

The last word in the dispute over the dornhof solar park has obviously not yet been spoken. After the city council gave the green light for the controversial project, the petitions committee of the bavarian state parliament is now getting involved. Udo petzoldt, one of the opponents of the plant, had addressed the politicians in munich. He was not alone in his demand that the project be stopped after all. A total of 18 people raised concerns. An on-site meeting will now take place on monday.

A look back: the approximately 14-hectare photovoltaic plant is planned not far from the dornhof district of kupferberg. In october, the city council paved the way for the project – even though there was resistance. This came from wirsberg. First and foremost udo petzoldt, who lives on the municipal border in birkenhof. But the wirsberg market was also not very enthusiastic about the project.

Wednesday in munich

Petzoldt turned to the petition committee in the state parliament, in which also the kulmbacher rainer ludwig () sits. The confirmed that on wednesday the "mass petition against the urban land use planning in copper mountain – special area ‘solar park dornhof’" on the agenda of the committee was.

In his petition, udo petzoldt had raised several points against the copperberg plans: they violate the specifications of the regional plan for upper franconia east, nature conservation and species protection. Unique landscape of the frankenwald nature park was destroyed in the long term.

But according to rainer ludwig, a review by the ministries of economics, the environment, agriculture and forestry found no legal violations. "So petzoldt had no chance from a purely legal point of view."

Actually a clear matter

The whole thing would have been a clear-cut matter – had there not also been a ten-page statement by SPD member of the state parliament inge aures, in which she asked for a review of several points. Aures had also submitted objections to the project to the copperberg city council – which she feels were not adequately addressed.

And what’s more: it doubts the glare report that an expert from hamburg had drawn up – by remote diagnosis. The man had never been on site to inspect the conditions. The species protection assessment was also only superficial. In the region there are black stork and red kite, which require the highest protection. "The lower nature conservation authority has not carried out any examination of fauna and flora", according to aures.

In addition, she cites a point from the regional plan, according to which the preservation of agricultural land enjoys the very highest protection. Their conclusion: "the landscape will be permanently damaged for decades and the approval will create a precedent."

Construction already started

The fact that construction has already begun ("I have photos") is unlawful, since no building permit has yet been issued, aures adds. In the meantime, however, work had come to a halt. When and how to proceed? "It remains to be seen what the debate in committee will produce."

Its member rainer ludwig sees the case in two different ways: "from a purely legal point of view, the matter had to be waved through. But I did not do it, because for political and personal reasons I understand the residents and their concerns."

He sees the developments with the same concern and in the same explosiveness as the petitioners. He spoke of a balancing act between legal sanction and the personal conviction not to obstruct the flat area. For this reason, the petitions committee has not yet reached a decision, but has scheduled an on-site hearing for monday.

In addition, the relevant ministries were asked to review the objections of inge aures in parallel.

Already on the next wednesday the topic stands again on the agenda of the committee.

This tensile proceeding has also a background: "the investor wants to go into the realization of the project and has put a claim for damages into the room, if he cannot begin by the end of the year with the conversion. And this claim for damages would be at the expense of the taxpayer."

Udo petzold as initiator of the petition now at least has the hope that the objections of the opponents will be dealt with again. In his opinion, the kupferberg town council has not done enough to address this problem. "I felt like a schoolboy at the meeting. The concerns were dismissed too easily", is his conviction.

Petzoldt assumes that the petitions committee also sees it that way.

What he noticed: nothing is happening on the construction site at the moment. "A construction trench was pushed in, since then there has been peace and quiet."

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