Spd wants to rediscover its socio-political competence

Spd wants to rediscover its socio-political competence

The SPD district of rodachtal held its traditional fish dinner on ash wednesday again this year. This time, the venue was the sportheim in unterrodach. After the funeral by local association chairman norbert friedlein and district chairman andreas buckreus, district manager thilo moosmann addressed the audience of about 40 people as guest speaker. After a brief review of the history of political ash wednesday, the main part of his speech dealt with the state of the SPD at the federal and state levels, and he described his view as a "simple comrade.

In the past years of the grand coalition, many decisions and compromises were supported out of a sense of responsibility for state policy. As a result, the differences between the CDU/CSU and the SPD were no longer always clearly discernible for the voters. At the same time, he said, political successes such as the introduction of a minimum wage "were not sold properly to the people" in the face of various oppositions. After the past electoral defeats, however, the right path has now been taken and in the coming years the government will again pursue broader social policy goals, such as reforms in the areas of pensions and unemployment benefit II. "The SPD must and will reinvent or partly reinvent its social policy competence", said moosmann.

This year, the european elections are coming up, in which the voter turnout is very low according to experience. Moosmann called for people to go to the polls. Even though many populists have been maligning europe, the bottom line is that it is a success story and more than just a trade union," said moosmann. Of course, things were also in trouble in brussels, but a departure from europe was unthinkable in terms of world politics, because a single country could hardly assert its interests against world powers such as the USA or china.

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