State theater: michelbach wants cost cap

State theater: michelbach wants cost cap

As a member of the bundestag, hans michelbach (CSU) actually had nothing to do with the coburg state theater. But michelbach is also a city council member and economic politician. He says that the regional theater is one of the region’s soft factors, but he says that the city will have to pay a lot for the upcoming renovation and the planned expansion: 25 percent of the renovation costs and half of the costs for the new buildings in the area between the IHK and the upper burglab.

So it is agreed, but how much money it will be in the end, no one knows yet. So far, there are only rough cost estimates, which range – depending on the expansion – between 90 and 110 million euros. That’s why michelbach is now calling for a "cost cap" for the city: the financing agreement with the freestate must be amended to include a maximum contribution for the city of coburg.

However, michelbach did not want to say how high this should be during the press interview on tuesday. The city and state government are being asked to demand reliable figures from the planners. "There must be clarity quickly. Now are still at work those who have given the commitments. This must be used." In any case, michelbach said, he had also used the current negotiations in the bundesrat to talk with bavaria’s finance minister, albert furacker.

In addition, the city should try to find other sources of financing. For example, the federal government has created a new claims program for cultural institutions. Culture is normally a state matter, but things of supra-regional importance can be demanded directly by the federal government. In this context, michelbach referred to the renovation of the bayreuth festival theater with federal aid.

As far as demand funds from the federal government are concerned, he also wants to sound out what might be possible in the case of the coburg clinical center. There is a possibility that the health ministry will consider a "blue hospital", a digitized hospital, says michelbach. When deciding whether or not to build a new facility, it is also important to know where the funds are available.

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