Stormy depression sweeps across germany: at least one dead

Stormy depression sweeps across germany: at least one dead

Storm "bennet" swept across germany on monday, killing at least one person. Several rose monday parades were canceled because of the heavy gusts.

The low also caused restrictions in rail and air traffic. Roof tiles fell down, broken off blades caused damage.

On the feldberg in the black forest, gusts whip up at 144 kilometers per hour. In the lowlands, for example, it was very windy in gieben with 110 km/h, as reported by the german weather service in offenbach.

In ochtrup, munsterland, a motorist was driving on a country road when a tree fell and hit the vehicle. "The suspicion is that this is related to the storm," said a police spokesman. The 37-year-old, who was alone in the car, lost his life. On a construction site in lorsch, hesse, a wall that had just been completed was blown over, causing serious injuries to a 48-year-old worker.

Despite heavy winds and showers, the carnival parades in the strongholds of koln, mainz and dusseldorf made their way through the city – in a slightly slimmed-down form. So horses were dispensed with in all three cities. Elsewhere, events were canceled or postponed, for example in bottrop in the ruhr region and in fulda and seligenstadt in hesse.

The storm lifted the entire flat roof of a multi-family house in dusseldorf. The 60-square-meter rough roof only came to rest a few meters further on. Hohen rescuers dismantled the roof into smaller pieces. The action lasted six hours.

Heavy gusts of wind blew parts of a wind turbine onto the highway 62 near birkenfeld (rhineland-palatinate), according to police reports. Because there was a risk that more pieces of a rotor blade could break off, the road was closed between birkenfeld and freisen in saarland. A driver noticed the obstacle on the freeway and reported it, according to the police. An inspection of the wind turbine showed: "one blade is damaged, hanging down."

At the zugspitze, operation of the cable car and most of the lifts was temporarily suspended. In the garmisch-classic ski area, several lifts in the upper altitudes were also unable to operate. Other ski resorts also reported obstructions because of the wind. Munich and augsburg closed their city cemeteries for safety reasons; in augsburg, the botanical garden was also closed.

Rail traffic was also affected. In some regions, trains failed or were delayed. In dellfeld in the palatinate, a tree fell onto the tracks, according to the railroads. On some stretches, the trains were traveling slower than usual for safety reasons – for example between kaiserslautern and bingen or pirmasens and saarbrucken.

Bennet" also caused obstructions at frankfurt airport. The number of landings per hour was temporarily reduced from 60 to 44 planes this morning, according to a spokeswoman for the german air traffic control authority. At times, no landings at all were possible because of strong winds. There were also several so-called take-offs – aircraft that had to abort their landing approach and take off again. The decision to go through with the launch is always up to the pilot. Due to the lowered number of landings, there were delays, according to a spokesman for the airport operator fraport.

In baden-wurttemberg, the ministry for consumer protection advised against walking in the forest. According to the report, there was a danger due to falling asbestos, especially in high areas of the black forest and the swabian alb, but also at lake constance.

In heidelberg, the zoo remained closed due to the weather. On highway 656 between heidelberger kreuz and mannheim-seckenheim, fallen solar panels caused obstructions.

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