The week: handcuffs in the springtime

The week: handcuffs in the springtime

One had almost missed it. After the easter vacations, the traffic lights in kitzingen were still glowing red. On the way to work every morning for a week (!) every traffic light (!) on the B 8 red. Red, red, red – in the end you believe in hallucinatory disturbances.

Now only one thing helps: away with all the traffic lights. Away with the supposedly intelligent crossings. Away with the expensive traffic computer and the rest of the hocus pocus. A policeman at every crossroads – that would be the most effective way.

We stay a little longer in kitzingen and approach another problem: the train alarm. The eselsberg is particularly hard hit. The residents there wondered why it was getting louder and louder between wurzburg and nurnberg in spite of the noise barrier. As it looks, a larmschutzwand is upside down according to a bahn spokesman – so you could talk about a larmverstarkerwand.

No one was really surprised, however: why should traffic barriers suddenly be erected where traffic lights have been out of control for years??

Much ado about nothing – and that brings us to the kitzingen city council in no time at all. This week at the budget discussions there were no conspicuous events – which was perhaps due to the fact that everyone wanted to hurry home and watch the bayern game against madrid. After the short stand-up speech including cell phone photography, this time it was downright disappointing.

No drumbeats – that must have pleased the wurzburg municipal theater in particular. There one had already feared that it could come to a coarser subscription wave, if in the kitzinger city hall constantly the better pieces come to the performance.

We would also be happy if spring finally appeared – but there is nothing to be seen far and wide. What can’t scare a real kitzinger: we’re going to pull off the "kitzinger fruhling" on sunday – one way or another.

Before that, it’s a quick trip to the town hall on saturday. There the lost property office invites to auction, among them – oops – handcuffs together with erotic literature.

Let’s see who is bidding here. Chaining the dearest to read her slippery stuff – must be liked. Let’s hope that no kitzingen city council comes up with stupid ideas and is prepared for the next meeting and in the meeting room . . . We have to break off. Otherwise you will never get these pictures out of your head.

On saturday, die woche takes a look back at what our authors have noticed over the past seven days.

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