This is how the “crime scene” will be on sunday: double life in dortmund

This is how the 'crime scene' will be on sunday: double life in dortmund

"A different world the "tatort" is on, who comes from dortmund this sunday – and at least verbally goes hard below the belt. Two weeks ago, the new team of young investigators from erfurt were throwing themselves at the young audience with their stilted youth slang. Now, their colleagues from the pott show them how it’s done properly…

Jorg hartmann is not just a "tatort" actor-kommissar – here you can see the series "weissensee with him on DVD

What is "another world" about??

16-year-old high school student nadine is pulled out of a lake. She seems to have been raped before her death. Although nadine comes from a housing estate, she is dressed in a conspicuously expensive way. The teenager seems to have led a double life: nadine’s best friend julia (matilda merkel) tells the investigators that the two had celebrated her birthday with friends in a posh club the night before the crime. Did one of the rich clique have something to do with her death?? In the course of the investigation, the ex-boyfriend tarek abboubi (hassan akkouch), who has a criminal record, also comes into the commissioners’ sights…

What are the commissioners up to??

Lots of things. The two young detectives nora dalay (aylin tezel) and daniel kossik (stefan konarske) led their own double life. "Birding at night and playing with colleagues during the day", as your boss peter faber (jorg hartmann) tells you straight to your face. Faber himself continues to be preoccupied with the death of his family – more and more evidence suggests that his wife was killed deliberately. This time he doesn’t take apart his desk, but he does take apart the prasidium toilet. And martina bonisch (anna schudt) struggles with her annoying husband…

Is it worth watching the "tatort"? To be seen on sunday?

In all cases. Director andreas herzog shows how a young "tatort" can be made how to embed the private life of the commissioners in the plot without it getting in the way, and how to incorporate humor into a crime thriller without breaking the mold.

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