Three men grow cannabis in the forest

13 potted plants in the forest – three men from lichtenfels grew them without permission. That’s how the prosecution saw it, because after all, the pots contained cannabis plants. On thursday, therefore, there was a trial in hall 14.

Three men took their seats in the dock. But this triumvirate was to become a duo in the course of the trial. The 44-year-old co-defendant was attested by the two 31-year-old main defendants to have been present more out of curiosity than anything else. "In retrospect, I knew that I had made a mistake. I didn’t want to take anything from the harvest."

After this admission, the questions of judge alexander zenefels and prosecutor daniel killinger were directed primarily to the two remaining craftsmen. Against one of them, in addition to the charge of illegal cultivation of narcotics, the prosecutor’s office brought a second charge, namely that of damage to property. In fact, the actions of the accused were recorded on camera, which was discovered and demolished by the man, who now lives in lower franconia. Damage to the police unit: 650 euros. Between the 13. And 27. July 2017, according to the prosecution, they had grown cannabis in pots in a forest stump adjacent to a quarry. The location itself was cleverly chosen, a police officer explained, because it was a forester who discovered and reported the pots due to upcoming surveying work. This was the reason for the police decision to use cameras and to observe the place.

Self-sufficient in marijuana

As a reason for their actions, the two main defendants said that they had "no contact with the underworld" to procure marijuana wanted to have. They wanted to be self-sufficient and, moreover, to grow only for their own consumption. The defendants did not show a green thumb in their actions. The product was said to be of inferior quality, perhaps because it was often left to grow by itself. "Professionally planned and amateurishly executed", during the trial, killinger described the duo’s actions.

But a shadow should also remain on the 44-year-old man. Because contrary to his statement that he had entered the place only once, the analysis of cameras showed that this was not the case. Against the payment of 480 euros, his case was closed. There should also be monetary consequences for the main defendants, who up to that point had remained quite blameless. They were sentenced to pay 2450 and. 2500 euros respectively. The mysterious remains of two of the 13 pots, eleven of which ended up with the police, could not be clarified. "What happened to the other two?", zenefels addressed the defendants. "We asked ourselves the same thing", so the answer.

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