Vegan christmas markets – also a trend in bavaria

Vegan christmas markets - also a trend in bavaria

"What are puff-puff mushrooms??", asks a customer. "The beans there, what is that?", asks the next. Sometimes there is still a need for clarification with "african cuisine", a stand with vegan specialties at the winter-tollwood in munich. Jacquelin reizammer patiently explains the dishes: "beans with mousse." "Sharp?" "'N bit." Reizammer's stand is part of the vegetarian-vegan "dining room. The alternative christmas market winter-tollwood offers vegans, vegetarians and curious meat eaters gastronomic alternatives to bratwurst and christmas goose for the third time. In the meantime, there are also several purely vegan christmas markets in germany, for example in aschaffenburg and wurzburg in bavaria.

"This is in any case a trend and every year more and more", says wiebke unger, spokeswoman for proveg, the former vegetarian association of germany. There will be 15 purely vegan markets this year, compared to ten the year before. The demand is high, and the offer at the markets is a way to draw attention to animal-free food "and to try out new things in a convivial atmosphere". "Showmen always react very early to trends", also says albert ritter, president of the german association of exhibitors. This is also the case with the vegan and organic sectors. At least one vegan or vegetarian stand is now represented at every christmas market. According to ritter, food will be offered first and foremost, but clothing will also be on the increase.

Like in lower franconia: the "alternative christmas market in wurzburg, vegan, fair and sustainable products attract visitors for the second time already. To the organizers of the "vegan wurzburg" association it concerns thereby however least around the vegane meal. Because: "being vegan is a way of life. It has something to do with respect, tolerance and compassion. The most important thing is that everyone is doing well. And we also try to convey this at our christmas market", said association chairman oliver volkmuth.

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From condoms made of natural rubber latex to bags and purses made of discarded jeans, discarded flight vests and old telephone books, to bamboo toothbrushes and tofu presses made of precious metal – more than 30 stands will be set up in the burkardshaus in wurzburg's city center on the second advent. All products offered are vegan, fair trade and sustainable. The association does not want to pull anyone with power on its side, emphasizes volkmuth. "We are not missionaries. We do not want to work with a crowbar. We want to point out solutions and encourage people to think."

And yet, vegan food naturally plays an important role at vegan christmas markets as well. Proveg spokeswoman unger denies any taste disadvantages compared to conventional market specialties. For example, the gluhwein at the stands of the koln christmas market is vegan as a matter of principle, and "it still tastes good". Among the offers were also vegan gingerbread or tofu sausages. In the "green cafe in the tollwood tent, waitress nina praises the vegan rubli muffins, with carrots, almonds, vanilla beans and spelt flour. The recipes shouldn't be too unusual, she believes: "it's better if you don't taste it that way", that one eats vegan baked goods.

In the "african cuisine on the other hand, it is relatively exotic with coconut milk, mango curry, plantains, dumplings with voodoo sauce and anousi, a mustard, onion and lemon juice mixture. The vegan-vegetarian offerings were well established, says tollwood spokeswoman christiane stenzel. Your tip: the vegan spatzlehutte from jurgen.

Spatzlemeister jurgen braren is here for the first time, and the munich-based chef, who has been working as a chef for 40 years, only offers pure vegan food at tollwood. In munich's city center, he sells organic bratwursts at the christmas market. Many customers had asked for vegetarian sausages there. "The most important thing is: it must taste good."

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